Frequently Asked Questions

Logging In
TreasuryViewer Accounts

General is the official government portal and only place to electronically purchase U.S. Saving Bonds like Series I and Series E bonds. Marketable securities like TIPS, 30 year bonds, 2 year treasury notes and 4 week treasury bills can also be purchased commission-free on

Anyone with a U.S. taxpayer identification number (SSN for individuals or EIN for entities) can create an account.

TreasuryViewer is a mobile app to easily view and manage your account.

The app logs in to the website for you from your phone. It then reads the information in your account and displays it in a mobile friendly manner.

The app uses your login credentials to login to TreasuryDirect right on your phone. Your username and password is never sent to us or stored anywhere except your phone.

If you have any issues, comments, or feedback, email us at at any time.

Logging In

Once you open the app, provide the account number and password you use to login to Treasurydirect. Then, the app will ask you for an OTP code, that Treasurydirect will send to the email associated with your account.

Since early 2023, Treasurydirect now asks for an OTP code everytime you login. The app keeps you logged in to Treasurydirect, but that expires after a while, needing a new OTP to login.

Since we don’t know or manage any of your login information, we cannot assist with this. Visit for help resetting your password or remembering your account number.

TreasuryViewer Accounts

Some features in the app require you to register a TreasuryViewer account with us.

You can make one right in the app, using either an email/password, or with your Google account.

No. Your TreasuryDirect account number and password still stay only on your phone. All data retrieval from TreasuryDirect still also happens on device.

Using your TreasuryViewer account, you can buy Treasury securities in just a few taps. You can also view/manage your pending orders.